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Lowknee - Balance

by Amplify records


The long anticipated ep by Lowknee takes us on a journey through a multitude of sceneries. The triptych is an urge to feel the power of neutrality in cosmos. There are screens that tell you stories and influence you irreversibly. This is what the ambient intro Themscreens evokes; a trembling mind line that struggles to stay still from external occurrences.

The main track, Balance is an abstract expressionist painting , a color painted but multi layered one. The sophisticated evolving groove and the glitchy abstract UKG define a swinging cinematic landscape. Subby and rhythmic forms create a deep and calculated vibe; a neutral area where repetitive pad movements flourish.

In Balance Dub the idea stays the same. But as the name states, the work is stripped down to it's basics. It is a more simplified version of the original, yet unique in it's entirety. Harmonica's, dub echoes and chords reminiscent Jah nostalgia. This is a laid back beat that carries on hitting you until you sink into the sea of hypnotic dubness. All three tracks are mastered by Dubtronica guru Stefan Betke (aka Pole).

"A piece about balance. About keeping a distance from the contradictions which happen around us. A plea for clear sight, if you will. Along the course of history, we have seen people picking up sides, usually for inconsistent reasons (or no reasons at all). This repetitive event made me start seeking the neutrality of things, and I believe that in this neutrality I will be able to see the beauty of everything." Lowknee 2014


released November 27, 2014

Mastered by Stefan Betke



Amplify records London, UK

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